Us Greeks celebrate life through food, drink and music. All of our senses take part in this, and there is no better word in the Greek vocabulary to describe this than “OPA!”. Pronounced “Opa”, the word has Ancient Greek origins, and is used to express enthusiasm. As in every Greek island and region, the food and music is different and unique, so is the 'OPA Experience' in each of The Real Greek restaurants. From live bouzouki music in Bankside, to acoustic guitar music in Soho, you can customize your OPA experience. If there is a word that captures the joy of life, this is definitely it. So raise your glass with us, and...'OPA'!

    OPA Bankside


    Christos is playing acoustic guitar and mellow music every Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 7:00pm at The Real Greek Bankside.

    Father & son Zacharias and Odysseus play Greek live Bouzouki at The Real Greek Bankside on Friday & Saturday evenings from 7.30pm.


Choose your own Greek meze adventure this evening 🌃…

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