This January, we’re launching our new Veganuary Set Menu. Priced at just £13.50 per person for four dishes, we’re here to redefine Veganuary as an exploration of taste, not a compromise on flavour.

Originally born as a non-profit initiative in 2014, Veganuary encourages people worldwide to embrace plant-based living for the month of January. It’s a fresh beginning, a chance to try new flavours and plant based dishes, while at the same time making a positive impact on the environment and well-being. We like to think of it as a great detox of sorts, after all the festive eating!

Download our Veganaury Menu

Greek cuisine is an easy Veganuary companion. Our new set menu is proof of the richness and diversity of Greek-inspired vegan recipes. Join us in trying the flavours of the Mediterranean with dishes like Vegan Tzatziki—cool, tangy Soya yoghurt infused with cucumber, gherkin, and garlic. Or try the aromatic Yellow Fava—blended yellow lentils with a burst of herbs and spices, topped with a salsa of tomatoes, onion, capers, and caper powder.

Here’s a further glimpse of our Vegan dishes to make you work an appetite:

  • Melitzanosalata: A fragrant blend of smoked aubergine, garlic, red onion, roasted red peppers, and lemon.
  • Vegan Chicken Monastiraki: Succulent pea protein “chicken” marinated in Greek herbs, served with vegan tzatziki, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Vegan Pulled Pork: Indulge in pea protein “pulled pork,” topped off with a Padron pepper and presented on a bed of tantalizing tahini sauce.
  • Aegean Slaw: Delicately shredded cabbage, carrot, red and green peppers dressed with olive oil—a perfect side that complements the bold flavours.

And for a taste of tradition, don’t miss out on Tonia’s mother’s recipe: Pourgouri – bulgur wheat, the classic Cypriot dish of cracked wheat with tomatoes and onions, a hearty testament to the authenticity and heart behind our vegan cuisine!

Join us this Veganuary for a celebration of plant-based dishes inspired by the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine. It’s more than a month; it’s a delicious veggie experience.

Book your table today and ignite your Veganuary journey with us, like a Real Greek!