The health and well-being of our guests and staff is our top priority, and we’re making every effort to create the safest experience for everyone. This means a few things have changed since you last visited, which will look and feel a bit different. Here’s everything you need to know re the steps that we are taking:

  • The layout of the restaurant has been reviewed and adjusted to allow for physical distancing for you and our teams.
  • Service has been adapted and trained to minimise contact.
  • We have introduced new disposable menus.
  • Distancing markers and screens (where appropriate) have been installed between tables.
  • Hand sanitiser stations available for you and our teams at every restaurant.
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the restaurant, which includes every 20 minutes for hand contact surfaces for our staff.
  • Our teams have been re-trained on effective handwashing and frequency.
  • Tables and chairs will be fully sanitised between seatings.
  • A host will manage the flow of customers to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to, and to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.
  • Face covering and other PPE have been provided for our teams.
  • Coronavirus symptom questionnaires carried out regularly for our teams,  including a daily temperature check for all staff. Any member of staff displaying symptoms or pre-symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the restaurant immediately.
  • The teams shift times adapted to allow for off-peak travel and staggered breaks.
  • We have completed an individual risk assessment for each restaurant, as per the Government guidance, which has been trained to the teams. We will keep our risk assessments under review.
  • We have also made sure that our takeaway order collections adhere to social distancing rules and our teams are following distancing guidelines and using PPE while preparing your takeaway.

We kindly ask that you remain mindful of social distancing guidelines when dining in our restaurants, especially when entering and exiting, and when using the toilets.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Real Greek team x


(For details on our restaurant openings, please see here for further information).